Hot Glue Craft


My Miss 6 has a best friend. The best friend is moving away during this coming school holidays. I suggested we make a present for her. Cue actually making something from the videos I share on the Mum Made Mine fb page.

I couldn’t find the video at the time of creation, but remembered one of the crafts.

(found it! Easy DIY Craft Projects time: 4 minutes 25 seconds)

{we have also made the bracelet at 1 minute 30 seconds}

Hot Glue hearts featuring 100’s and 1000’s (or whatever it is you call them from where you are 🙂 )

I grabbed my hot glue sticks, chopped it into little pieces. Put them between some baking paper and heated the iron. I ironed this, making a glue puddle. I let dry til tacky, and poured on some sprinkles. I then put some more hot glue chunks on top and repeated the process. I cut out a heart shape out of paper and traced around it on the now dried sprinkle-glue patty. Cut it out!  I then grabbed a pin, heated in the candle hat just so happened to be on the table in front of us and poked it though a corner a few times and threaded it with some craft stuff (?fake leather?).

Ta da!  Neck lace.

We made two, so they can be matching!


Heat Packs


I bought a sewing machine with my christmas gift card. I have sewed a grand total of one thing since then.

With Mothers Day coming up, I thought to attempt heat packs. I had a “sewing basics” book borrowed from the library. It told me how to make a scented sachet. Do people still use scented sachets in their drawers? I’d also had some heat pack ‘recipes’ pinned on my multitude of pinterest boards. I decided to get creative and mix the two. Generally, this never works well, but it was Friday night and, after a few wines, it seemed like a good idea.

Miss 6 and I decided to have a practice run on some fabric I had lying around, before we used the expensive My Little Pony and Doctor Who fabric.

We needed:

  • Sewing machine – complete with cotton and a full bobbin in the colour you require.
  • Wheat (you could use rice) – about 500g per heat pack (we got ours from the produce store – where they sell chicken feed)
  • Fabric in the size you want to make a heat pack. (just remember the bigger it is, the more wheat you’ll need and it’ll take forever to heat in the microwave.

I used the library book’s sachet instructions as a guide, as well as The Crafting Nook‘s instructions (also as a guide).

Also, technically,

  • I just cut two squares.
  • Placed right sides together.
  • Sew three sides and about 3/4 of the fourth side. The other 1/4 is kept open for you to turn it inside out (so right sides are outside).
  • Fill with wheat.
  • Here I should have hand stitched the gap closed. But we just sewed over the top so I knew that it was definitely not going to leak 🙂

Now, if Miss 6 can make it with simple instructions and at 10pm at night with the only help being me making sure the stitching was straight, anyone can make this!

Happy sewing!




My kids have been asking for the last 2 months (pretty much since we moved into our new home) to make a lemonade stand. It makes me nervous- the idea of them standing out there prone to rejection and failure, but proud that they are entrepreneurial.

This afternoon after school, I finally caved in to making lemonade. We used this “Traditional Lemonade” recipe and we tested out our first batch of lemonade. I didn’t have caster sugar, just white sugar. I had just enough lemons to make half a batch. It suggests 4 lemons to make the whole batch, but I found 3 lemons only gave me enough for 1/2 a batch. Maybe I need really juicy lemons. Maybe I need to find another way to juice them and extract lots of juice.

Let me tell you, I soon found out where all the breaks were in my skin.

DSC_0287I didn’t get an ‘in progress’ photo, but we bottled our batch in an old milk bottle that hadn’t found its way into the recycle yet.

While both kids like the taste, Ducky keeps coming back for more. The other child doesn’t seem as fussed…




“All About My Mum” printable


Now, I’ve just made this in a rush, so I’m not sure yet what size this would print at.

But here it is. Enjoy. Simple instructions are :

Print. Answer questions (or ask and write the answer for those too little to hold a pencil licence). Deliver to mum in the way you’d like.


Happy mothers day.

All About My Mum

All About My Mum

Mothers Day 2015


Even though this is for a mothers birthday, sometimes it just seems apt on an ordinary day…

Birthday card, found on pinterest

Birthday card, found on pinterest

Drives me insane that I am unable to find ones that say “Mum”…

You gave me something Dad never could... (found on pinterest)

You gave me something Dad never could… (found on pinterest)

found on etsy

A Hungry Caterpillar game


I found this neat drawing die game!

Hungry Caterpillar game

Get some pencils, paper and a die. {die not dice. Dice is the plural of die – one die, two dice).

Roll the die, draw the body part on the paper. First to draw a complete caterpillar wins. OR just keep drawing caterpillar body parts until you (or the kids) are sick of playing. (this is what we did!)

I don’t know much about teaching anything, but thought this game would be perfect for Mr7 pencil technique and Miss 3’s recognition of numbers, pencil grip and drawing. This also will help her with turn taking before she heads into Kindy at the end of the month.

Miss 3 has decided a lunch nap is in order, so Mr7 and I played!


If you’d like to print this out, you can find the original idea over here : Very Hungry Caterpillar Game.